pitch blackness

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total absence of light

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My outstretched hand pressed randomly in the pitch blackness.
When seafarers are in a boat at night, they cannot see anything outside and are literally looking in pitch blackness.
It was as if someone had locked me in a dark cupboard, where the silence was deafening and the pitch blackness stifling.
Fourth-generation grower Janet Oldroyd-Hulme from Wakefield, said: "No one else is as skilled as us in getting the roots to produce red shoots to grow in pitch blackness.
People couldn't belive I got out the way I did, through a disused part of the plant, along 50ft of a disused conveyor belt in pitch blackness.
It had taken us two days - the second half in pitch blackness after our torches broke.
Outdoors, some bees will fly in bright moonlight, but they don't buzz over the landscape in pitch blackness.
The nights brought pitch blackness to the swamp, and on two nights there were violent thunderstorms.
When she came to, she was floating in pitch blackness, except for a pool of light somewhere ahead.
After millennia in pitch blackness, the rooms of the Pyramid of Tjoser have been flooded with electric light powered by outside generators.
No light at night, just pitch blackness, our garden is a mess with an ugly air raid shelter stuck in the middle of it, everyone has a ration book out of which the shopkeepers clip bits out for your food.
AFTER eight days trapped in terror in pitch blackness, a surviving miner reaches out to grip a rescuer's hand in gratitude.
Flt Lt Pete Howard because weather conditions were poor with heavy rain, strong winds and near pitch blackness, late on Friday afternoon.
18 /PRNewswire/ -- Bundled up in layers of warm clothes, waterproof boots and gloves, Dove Thiselton, owner of As Cute As It Gets Creative Photography, begins creating the ultimate in Orange County holiday cheer in the bitingly cold, pitch blackness of the beach at 4 a.