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Synonyms for pita

usually small round bread that can open into a pocket for filling

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99, offers combinations of shish kebab, shawarma, chicken tenders, falafel, hummus and pita bread from 11 a.
Line the pocket of each pita bread with lettuce leaves.
Because of the bake quality and because they do not tear easily, Nina's pita breads are perfect for sandwich fillings.
A volumizing shampoo is necessary for fine hair, says Pita, who charges $800 for a haircut at his New York City salon, Orlo.
Pita had completed a previous tour of Iraq, as well as Kosovo, and was regarded as a top sniper.
1 large, round pita bread (cut in half) Lowfat peanut butter 1 small apple 1 small banana 6 medium strawberries
As part of PITA surgery or a stand-alone procedure, the powered adenoidectomy is faster and offers more precise tissue removal, less residual adenoidal obstruction, and reduced intraoperative bleeding compared to curette techniques.
Available in Garlic, Cheddar Cheese, Lightly Salted, Dill Ranch and Cinnamon, the pillow-shaped puffs of pita dough are made without hydrogenated oils, saturated fat or preservatives.
Approximate nutritional analysis (per pita half): 265 calories; 14g fat, 3g saturated fat, 28mg cholesterol, 597mg sodium; 23g carbohydrates; 2g fiber; 46mcg folate; 13g protein.
Y Pita Amor empieza a destacar en la necesidad de exhibirse como actriz de teatro y cine.
Unfortunately, if all goes according to plan, we can also expect to pay some jacked-up prices to compensate the latest folks who say they've been victimized by tacos, doughnuts, pita wraps, milk, soap, and toothbrushes.
La memoria claudicante de Eloy volvio a aquel enero de 1960 cuando los periodicos informaron en la misma primera pagina de la muerte de Albert Camus y el suicidio de Pita Amor.
SAN DIEGO -- Daphne's Greek Cafe announced today the launch of its new Pita Melts, delicious Greek-inspired sandwiches offered in three flavors: Grilled Chicken Pesto, Fire-Roasted Veggie Pesto and Fresh-Carved Gyros.
Winick Realty Group announced that it has closed deals with Dunkin Donuts and Pita Joe for Manhattan locations.
Milwaukee-based pita manufacturer Kangaroo Brands has added Whole Grain Sandwich Pockets to its line.