pit run

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gravel as found in natural deposits

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2 miles of an existing access road that services big lake wma, involving clearing and grubbing, excavation/embankment construction, making & placing gravel pit run and surfacing, installation of rockery
Tenders are invited for purchase & transport of sand, gravel, crushed caliche mix and pit run caliche
Approximately 14,000 tons of pit run ore grading over 2 grams per ton were placed on the re- usable leach pad.
Tenders are invited for Furnish and deliver pit run gravel.
The materials needed are: 395 T of road base material; 340 T of pit run material (4 inch minus); 170 T of riprap.
Tenders are invited for Rotten granite, delivered, also loaded on town truck, per yard; Fill material, delivered or loaded on town truck; Overrun rock, delivered or loaded on town truck; Pit run breaker rock, delivered or loaded on town truck; Road binder, dust control material (spot spreading or continuous).
1 LS of storm water management; 185 CY of install pit run work pad; 65 LF of drill for install and seal 24" surface casing; 405 LF of drill 8" pilot borehole; 260 LF of ream for 23" borehole; 238 LF of install PVC casing; 1 LF of remove and test pump; 28 hr of test pumping; 1 LS of video log.
Contract Awarded for 4 Number Gravel Stone, Stone Dust, Move 2 Number Gravel, Pit Run Materials Procurement of Works.
The intent is to contract the purchase and placement of pit run gravel to construct a gravel
Pit run material is crushed to a predetermined size and the finely crushed product is fed through a large efficient sluice box that uses water to float lighter rock to separate the gold, silver and heavy metals including gold bearing arsenic from the crushed material without using chemicals and with recycled water, causing no discharge.
But his chilling message to his gutted team is that the pit runs even deeper - and it's up to them to haul themselves out before they plunge into a relegation scrap at the bottom.