pit of the stomach

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a slight depression in the midline just below the sternum (where a blow can affect the solar plexus)

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The Echo's wine writer Neil Cammies gives his verdict: UPON hearing the sad news that Ballantynes Wine Merchants was going out of business, there was that awful feeling in the pit of the stomach and a sadness that is felt when you lose an old friend.
With world events so volatile, particularly where air travel is involved, that aching knot started to form in the pit of the stomach, anticipating the awful truth.
Even though Kelly's horizons have expanded from Caravan Holiday to Vegas Two Times, his scorching vocals still hit you in the pit of the stomach and tingle the length of your spine.
There continues to be a pain sitting in the pit of the stomach of African Americans and Native Americans especially, but also of other minority groups.
As much sculpture for the inner ear and the pit of the stomach as for the eye, the ellipses invest the viewer in their presence with a level of acute physical self-consciousness that, at this moment, is all the more glamorous and exotic for being totally unavailable on the Web.