pit bull terrier

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American breed of muscular terriers with a short close-lying stiff coat

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8220;We are so grateful that Best Friends has generously given us a grant to help residents of Kentucky get their pit bull terriers fixed for free.
A pit bull terrier type dog similar to those kept by Kerry Alun Evans
Pit bull terrier called Enzo (main picture) attacked cat in Victoria Park, Llandudno Junction (above)
Four-year-old John-Paul Massey was mauled to death in 2009 by his uncle's illegal pit bull terrier in Liverpool.
Its body was examined by a police expert, who found it to be one of the most powerful pit bull terriers he had ever seen.
A dog like Psycho would have been descended from the original bull terrier used in fighting pits in the early 1900s whichwere then later called pit bull terriers.
Mr Watkins told the court: "It is the prosecution case that the defendant had possession or control of six pit bull terrier type dogs, and that there is clear evidence that he knew a lot about the dogs.
Danger animals THERE are four breeds included in the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991: * (American) Pit Bull Terrier (main type of dog found in UK).
Who, in their right mind, puts a live cat in an upended wheelie bin then throws in a pit bull terrier to kill it?
He was wearing new looking, baggy, dark blue jeans and was walking a dark coloured pit bull terrier dog on a silver linked lead chain.
Staff at Fir Tree Animal Sanctuary in Melling say the worst affected are Staffordshire Bull Terriers due to their similarities to the illegal pit bull terrier.
Dog attacks in Great Britain actually have increased since breed- specific laws against the American pit bull terrier were introduced (Collier, 2006, and DogBiteLaw.
FOUR people, including two policemen, were attacked and bitten by a pit bull terrier in Birmingham.
He was jailed at the end of September after he lost his appeal against convictions of causing unnecessary suffering, assisting at a dogfight and possessing a pit bull terrier.
Ellie was killed by her uncle Kiel Simpson's pit bull terrier on New Year's Eve after Simpson, who had smoked 10 joints and drunk two bottles of wine, let it in.