pit bull terrier

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American breed of muscular terriers with a short close-lying stiff coat

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A pit bull attack last year in Lowell, Massachusetts (http://www.
The companies that offer DNA tests for mixed-breed identification do not include American Pit Bull Terriers among the breeds they may identify.
With Dickey's thorough reporting on a provocative topic, Pit Bull shows how the human need for something to blame can put innocent victims in the crosshairs.
At a major fundraiser on Saturday, SPOT hopes to raise $12,000 to fix 150 pit bulls in Lane County.
Zack ran away but the pit bull got Star by the neck .
The new FAQ also dismantles several false myths, including the alleged high cost of enforcing a pit bull ordinance.
She says that when walking the dog, she started to experience what pit bulls go through: "people running across the street to get away from us, people asking me, 'Are you afraid of her?
Lawmakers in six more states are considering similar measures, and some cities are reviewing local policies that classify pit bulls as dangerous animals.
A pit bull terrier type dog similar to those kept by Kerry Alun Evans
DANGEROUS pit bulls are being kept as pets in Coventry and Warwickshire despite being a banned breed.
The popular Pit Bull 14, which fuses 1-inch IPS through 4-inch DIPS pipe size ranges and other Pit Bulls are designed to butt fuse lengths or coils of pipe, as well as tees, ells and other fittings.
The Irish Pit Bull Terrier Association will hand out leaflets to educate people about the breed which has often linked to vicious attacks on children.
An American woman bit a pit bull terrier on the nose to save her pet Labrador.
I could understand making more rules for pit bull owners to follow so that their dogs couldn't hurt someone.
THE dog which killed little Ellie Lawrenson was one of the finest, strongest pit bull terriers a police dog handler had ever seen.