piston rod

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connecting rod that moves or is moved by a piston

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For maximum customer choice, the piston rod is available with a male or female thread as well as a stroke extension and bellows.
Before reassembling the recoil, they should lightly coat the recoil spring, piston rod, sleeve spacer, spring washers, the interior of the spring retaining cap, and the interior of the piston rod housing with corrosion preventive compound, NSN 8030-00-938-1947.
The pumps also are environmentally friendly, sporting a double sealing piston rod, which prevents any oil from entering the environment.
The previous AD would have required a one-time ultrasonic inspection of the maneuvering actuator piston rod of the main landing gear and replacement of any discrepant piton rod with a new piston rod.
In its early years, the foundry developed and manufactured alloys for piston rod packings used in low-temperature steam locomotives.
The gas system is composed of three moving parts--the gas plug, a retaining plunger and piston rod.
Tenders are invited for Heavy Duty Air Cylinder 2A Series, Style Bb Cap Fixed Clevis Mount, Cushion Both Ends, Cylinder Size 4 Inches Dia Bore, 12 Inches Stroke, 1-3/8 Inches Dia Piston Rod, Style 4 Rod End Kk-1 Inch-14Tpi, With 2 Sets Of Seal Kits For Each Cylinder.
The piston rod had to be replaced, but the new rod was missing many of the features needed to fit into the existing custom cylinder.
If you've been having problems with swivel lock operation, it is a clear sign the swivel lock piston rod has not been cleaned.
Piston rod samples made of SAE 4130 steel coated with Eatonite were tested at DNV laboratories in Hovik, Norway, and Columbus, Ohio, for a wide range of physical, mechanical, and electrochemical properties to evaluate the performance of the Eatonite coating against the JIP standard.
The piston is connected to the piston rod and has an orifice communicating the two parts.
The clamps are designed with a piston rod that is supported at both ends of the shaft and switch grooves for either 4mm diameters or 6mm x 5mm switches.
Because the piston rod size in the HOSS compressor (as contrasted to the HOS model) has been increased to 2.
Units are available in a selection of piston rod designs and mounting attachments in stainless steel.