piston chamber

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i]--the entrance angle of the oil into the piston chamber,
o]--the exit angle of the oil from the piston chamber.
It corresponds to the angle having the value close to the angle that the flow enters the piston chamber, which is 69[degrees] (Ciuprakov, 1982).
For a 70[degrees] geometry of the entering of the oil into the piston chamber, considering the entering angle of the oil into the piston chamber, which is around 69[degrees] (Ciuprakov, 1982) the authors consider that the Coanda effect creates these anomalies are produced by that appears for that geometrical configuration.
The conclusion is that it is better to use resistances having entering angles different of 70[degrees] at the entrance of the oil into the piston chamber.
Pump and piston chambers and other complex shapes can be coated effectively as well as pipe lengths of up to three metres.
The head divides the melt into two streams, which then pass through separate hydraulic piston chambers.
The kidney shaped filling and cutting plate ensures that product is filled evenly and accurately up into the piston chambers.