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small tree of southern Europe and Asia Minor bearing small hard-shelled nuts

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The destruction caused by this disease makes panicle and shoot blight the most serious threat to pistachio trees grown in California," he said.
Pistachio trees can be found in a number of countries but the Top 10 (2012) producers were Iran (472,097 metric ton), US (231,000 metric ton), Turkey (150,000 metric ton), China, Syria, Greece, Italy, Afghanistan, Australia and Tunisia.
Isolation of INA bacteria were done from 6 pistachio trees genotypes of Rafsanjan pistachio Research Institute orchard.
Three of the last four years were dry, and almond and pistachio trees cannot go that long without water.
On a spring morning when I was 12, my family and I piled out of our truck with picks and shovels, ready to plant the first of 1,500 pistachio trees.
Because of massive plantings of pistachio trees in recent years, American output is set to boom in the coming years.
Pistachio trees are planted in orchards and take around seven or 10 years to attain substantial production.
Officials have begun work on 10 acres of orchards that will include apricot, plum, almond, pomegranate, mulberry and wild pistachio trees.
The elaborate snow-melt irrigation systems were in shambles; the herds of sheep, goats, and cattle were victims of war; and the life-giving walnut and pistachio trees were razed by the Taliban.
Pistachio trees grow predominantly in regions situated 500-2,200 meters above the sea level, and having icy winters and hot summers.
This northern California orchard preserve, known as the ARS National Clonal Germplasm Repository for Fruit and Nut Crops, safeguards more than 750 pistachio trees.
A: Zone 11, which includes Palmdale, Lancaster, Mojave, Barstow, Twentynine Palms and Las Vegas, provides a favorable climate for many deciduous fruit trees, including plum, peach, apricot, cherry, apple, pear and pomegranate, as well as grape vines, olive, loquat and pistachio trees.
Pistachio trees that in 1977 had covered over half the land area of Badghis province, each producing up to 50 kilograms of nuts annually (with income of US$1 per kilogram), disappeared.
Relatives of the tree include the tropical cashew, pepper trees, mangoes and pistachio trees.
Of those, 27,000 are in production; it takes at least seven years for pistachio trees to bear fruit.