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small tree of southern Europe and Asia Minor bearing small hard-shelled nuts

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Abdul Rawoof Ahmadi, spokesperson for the Herat Police, says 10 people were arrested and punished last year for cutting pistachio trees.
Pistachio trees can be found in a number of countries but the Top 10 (2012) producers were Iran (472,097 metric ton), US (231,000 metric ton), Turkey (150,000 metric ton), China, Syria, Greece, Italy, Afghanistan, Australia and Tunisia.
The day after my trip to Fresno, I'm making my way down dirt roads alongside irrigation ditches, into a stand of new pistachio trees planted in neat, monotonous rows nearly to the horizon: some nine square miles of scrawny saplings, connected by drip irrigation tubes.
Harvesting had been completed just a few weeks before we arrived, and so all we saw were barren fields with a few pistachio trees lining the highway.
10 hectares of land will be planted with 7 thousand seedlings of walnut and pistachio trees on April 18 in Bazar-Korgon district of Jalal-Abad region, the press service of the State Agency on Environment Protection and Forestry said.
Tuncer added: "For example, pistachio trees in Urfa are grafted by the farmers to prevent them from flowering too early.
Qasem noted that Hama came first in pistachio production in Syria with 22,000 tons, estimating the total number of pistachio trees in the province at 3,318,000, of which 2,844,000 are fruitful trees.
According to historical documents the primary growth area of wild pistachio trees were in the northeast of Iran.
Women family members, veiled and wearing gloves, happily wade to waist height into the strong-smelling black sludge that fills a hole dug in the ground between rows of olive and pistachio trees.
The number of pistachio trees is estimated to be more than 80 millions of 17 major varieties; Iran is the most important pistachio exporter in the world [5].
The three-day annual Gul-i-Pista festival is celebrated to persuade people not to cut down Pistachio trees.
Isolation of INA bacteria were done from 6 pistachio trees genotypes of Rafsanjan pistachio Research Institute orchard.
Three of the last four years were dry, and almond and pistachio trees cannot go that long without water.
They were said to have been a favorite of the Queen of Sheba, and also thought to bring good luck to lovers, who would steal away to meet beneath pistachio trees.
Pistachio trees are planted in orchards and take around seven or 10 years to attain substantial production.