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a very disagreeable difficulty

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Descartes, most thoughtful and doubtful pisser, who between that humid light and the dark of his mind discerned nothing but his thoughts e.
Would American Pisser and Moaner be a little more accurate?
la biere, dont il pouvaient s'emplir, sans autre ennui que de la pisser trop vite, au fur et a mesure, claire comme de l'eau de roche" (1264).
wide asunder, soe as the soile goe not thoroughe into/ the ditch or pisser there.
also reflects his own present conditions in "The Pisser (solitary
Dizzy and Grub convince him that he alone filled the entire radiator, "Wow, what a pisser you are
Les caveurs canins, en revanche, ne sont pas dupes de sa mauvaise foi, et n'arrivent jamais tout a fait a parler avec elle : "Un chien s'est approche de moi pour pisser et j'ai senti qu'il voulait me parler pour ainsi dire, et puis il s'est ravise"(T, 80).
In fact, "not being able to do anything" is the story's pervasive and unique leitmotiv: "Je pisse, je ne sais pas pisser," "Je me lave, je ne sais pas me laver," "Je me tais, je ne sais pas me taire," et cetera.
Lin Jay Hwang, aka the Pisser, who was an algebra teacher before the Cultural Revolution, and his tiny elderly mother, whose name in English means Round Pebble, appear in Chapter 30 tending to Justa Bob's cracked hoof.
Who, I wonder, in this harmonious outpouring, is the pisser on the fire escape, O'Hara or Schuyler?