pissed off

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Synonyms for pissed off

aroused to impatience or anger

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It's going to be the Pissed Off Bowl Game,'' Sartz said.
I get very pissed off if someone doesn't know the combination.
It started when I pissed off then-fleshman English teacher Mice Bennett with a September 1995 column I wrote for The Kansas City Star.
The bad news is all their kids are really pissed off.
But look on the bright side, you don't look half as pissed off as van
When I tell him that there are people posting notes on the Internet movie database complaining that the real Frankie Wilde is pissed off because someone made a movie about him without asking his permission, Dowse cracks up.
Here's a little insight from a shuffling "zombie": I'm pissed off at what's happening in this country, at a liar speaking in our name, at the unthinkable violence the current Administration is responsible for here and elsewhere.
What strikes me about the title of the group called "The League of Pissed Off Voters" is the dignity of it.
I'm just as pissed off now as I was in the beginning,' he said.
The Star Fraction is full of venom against the "Green slime," partly because I was really, really pissed off at the time at people like animal rights terrorists and these "deep Greens"--in fact, I still am, I don't withdraw a single word against these people--but there are more humanist-oriented ecologically concerned people, and they become the foundation of the new society in The Sky Road.
Pissed off, yet professional, Hendrix brought to the stage the most extended and personalized band he had ever assembled: Mitch Mitchell on drum kit; Billy Cox, bass; Larry Lee, guitar; Juma Sultan and Jerry Velez, percussion.
Sidgmore was so pissed off about Nextel that he took his ball and went home," a former WorldCom exec tells BusinessWeek.
This has pissed off the German newspaper Bild, which deemed the cones as "macabre.