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Philly's Pissed (Pissed) and Philly Stands Up (PSU) started as volunteer collectives consisting almost entirely of white, cis-gendered, (2) mostly heterosexual but also queer, punk-affiliated anarchists in their early 20s to late 30s.
They weren't too pleased, presumably because pissed means angry in the US.
Everyone upstairs is all xxx pissed off because the xxx New York Times just broke a story about how the U.
It's going to be the Pissed Off Bowl Game,'' Sartz said.
Mattie Weiss, is the Midwest organizer for the League of Pissed Off Voters, a contributor to How to Get Stupid White Men Out of Office and the author of Youth Rising, a national research report on youth organizing.
What strikes me about the title of the group called "The League of Pissed Off Voters" is the dignity of it.
Sadly, all that wonky camera work leads to three conclusions: a) the cameraman's pissed b) you're pissed or c) both.
Only the person or act that I'm pissed off about receives the dreaded "pissed-off face.
Pissed off is what many White House reporters were before Gergen rode to the rescue in late spring with enough political savvy and ego balm to begin turning things around.
When one person just wants a divorce and the other one is just pissed, they try to make it so difficult," she added.
I think people are damned pissed off with the Government, actually Alistair.
If the greatest generation had landed at Omaha Beach, pissed themselves, tossed their weapons into the sea, and begged to serve as Nazi slop boys, then you might have an equivalent act of mass cowardice.
More people might turn up if there is the possibility of getting pissed.
I'm pissed,'' said Jami Manning, 22, of Oakland, who sang Alicia Keys' ``Fallin''' but didn't make the cut.