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Synonyms for piscatory

relating to or characteristic of the activity of fishing


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The effect of different modes of life upon the human frame and human character is strikingly instanced in the contrast between the hunting Indians of the prairies, and the piscatory Indians of the sea-coast.
The generous portion of fishcakes were the pick of the starters, with a fine balance of flavours and a pleasant textual contrast between the crispy coating and the softer piscatory mash inside.
In a written decision awarding the woman $75, Judge Travers said her $1,250 asking price "must be viewed, as with many tales of piscatory acquisition, somewhat inflated by the passage of time.
of Oxford, UK) and Piscatory (fellow, Wadham College, Oxford, UK) address a range of issues related to culture and identity for populations of the Arab states of the Gulf.
The overall plot is disclosed as one of "symbolic death and rebirth" (10), for "death and decadence accompany life and growth in all earthly settings: the hunt, the bucolic, the rustic, the piscatory, the courtly" (17).
It was Charles Darwin who preached the doctrine of 'living fossils', and this fish, jocularly christened 'Old Fourlegs', known in its scientific dignity as Latimeria chalumnae, caught off the coast of East London, South Africa, just before Christmas 1938, was not only a wonderful piscatory prize, but also indubitably the greatest scientific find of the twentieth century.