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small fruit or meat turnover baked or fried

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Dumplings called pirozhki offer pockets of yeasty dough filled with ground beef and onion, mushrooms, rice, mashed potatoes and dill, braised cabbage, or even liver and potatoes.
Variations of these popular half moons, also called pirozhki, are found throughout other regions including the Ukraine and Russia.
Filippov's bakery produced kopeck buns, loaves, and warm little pies, pirozhki (the word deriving from the Russian pir, or "feast"), with meat, rice, mushrooms, cottage cheese, or raisins.
Muscovites stop by after work for a bit of smoked salmon or pickled Baltic Sea herring, marinated mushrooms, fresh kholodetz (pork or veal in aspic), a plate of pel'meni, pirozhki with a cup of chicken or beef bouillon, a bowl of borscht or fish broth, a cup of tea--and, often, listen to live jazz or romantic Russian ballads.
The Olympics will have us (briefly) smitten with vodka and pirozhki.
Eastern European food available at the festival will include borscht, pirozhki, solyanka, pelmeni, vareniki, plov, golubtsy, German sausage, chebureki, blintzes and caviar.
Pelmeni - meat wrapped in pastry - and pirozhki - meat wrapped in a different sort of pastry - are local delicacies.
Among the menu items: pirozhki, a deep-fried pastry filled with potato and fried onion; golubtsy, a dish of cabbage rolls stuffed with meat, rice and spices and served with sour cream; pelmeni, boiled dumplings filled with meat or vegetables; and, of course, borscht.
Price range: Appetizers include filled and deep-fried pastries called Pirozhki, for $1.
But the real things can be had at the restaurant, where Pirozhki, Golubtsy and Cherry Vareniki all are on the menu.