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small fruit or meat turnover baked or fried

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Two common dishes that use flour are blini (Russian pancakes) and piroshki (small pies filled with meat, mushrooms, potatoes, etc.
The revamped snack bar peddles organic hot dogs, piroshki, veggie spring rolls, and fair-trade coffee.
Recommended items: Soups, eggplant roll, fried suluguni (string) cheese, chicken in walnut sauce, piroshki, khachapuri cheese pie, chicken or beef in spicy tomato sauce, chakapuli lamb and onion hotpot with greens, cranberry-walnut mocha layered cake.
Instead of hitting the usual Union Square department stores, she heads to Clement Street, a bustling multicultural strip in the Inner Richmond with some of the city's tastiest cheap eats--from Burmese tea-leaf salad to cabbage-stuffed piroshki.
The fare featured pirogi, a large flat noodle stuffed with potato, onion and cheese; a variety of piroshki, which is baked bread stuffed with meat or vegetables; keilbasa sausage; cabbage rolls; and borscht, which is a beet soup.
Gregory Safchuk, the festival brought back early childhood memories when he would watch his mother cook vereniki dumplings, beef turnovers called piroshki and holupki cabbage rolls.
February 7, 8, and 9, it will hold its fourth annual Russian Festival, with dance and musical performances, and sampling of piroshki (turnovers), and other foolds.
Picks: Traditional hot red beet borscht made with a beef stock contains julienned organic beets ($8), is served with piroshki and sour cream.