pirate ship

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a ship that is manned by pirates


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Leona Evans, who was diagnosed with Leukemia in July, walked back into her Texas house's backyard Saturday to find a custom playhouse shaped like a pirate ship - something that she always wanted, (http://www.
It's hoped the Playmobil boat, named Adventure, will reach the US or even, fittingly for a pirate ship, end up in the Caribbean.
The sequel follows on the adventure with the three main characters as before trying to find a family for their fire-breathing friend the dragon (whom they accidentally hatched in the previous book) still on board the pirate ship.
The pirate ship was installed by Hampshire-bsed playground equipment manufacturer Hand Made Places and pirate props were provided by vintage furniture supplier O'Brien's, of Paddock.
They added: "Given that the proposals are minor in their nature Frederic Robinsons Ltd requests that the local authority supports this application and grants full planing permission for the proposed storage containers and play pirate ship as installed on site.
NEW Brighton's driftwood pirate ship, The Black Pearl, stood strong as 70mph winds battered Merseyside.
There was a huge pirate ship called Black Magic docked in the bay so I decided to hire it and propose to Karen on there," Stephen said.
There was huge pirate ship called Black Magic docked in the bay so I decided to hire it and propose to Karen on there," Stephen said.
At a party the balloon man arrived with a balloon pirate ship and captain (the birthday girl is obsessed with pirates.
Lucian pirate ship featured in Hollywood movies including the popular "Pirates of the Caribbean" has sunk.
Accra, Ramadan 24, 1434, Aug 2, 2013, SPA -- Ghana's navy and national security forces captured a pirate ship off the West African country's coast and arrested its crew, the government said Friday.
When a pirate ship pulls up in Saul's front street, he and his mother set off with Captain Maverick and his crew, aboard the Golden Retriever, to find the Power of the Cranium at the Cerebellum Islands.
A PIRATE ship for village children is part of a legacy left by community champion John 'Beck' Dixon more than two months after his death.
But what actually created the magic was the Pirate Ship design.