pirate flag

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a flag usually bearing a white skull and crossbones on a black background

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Research pirates on the computer and create your own pirate flags, treasure maps, and treasure chest.
The pirate flag is symbolic to show the underlying greed of RBS and all banks, who think people are less important than money.
A CREW member finishes fixing the pirate flag to Captain's Curse, one of the mighty trucks taking part in tomorrow's Monster Jam at Cardiff's Millennium Stadium.
What name was given to the pirate flag with a skull and crossbones design?
Then calling out to hoist the sail And raise our pirate flag He showed his crew (just the two) The special treasure bag.
Strolling hand-in-hand - armed with a pirate flag and a blue balloon - former Bethel resident Cinammond Hollins and her daughter, Seauni, 8, paused so Seauni could tackle the task of finger painting.
His black-and-white logo, displayed at a stand at the Informatica computer exposition, resembles a skull-and-crossbones pirate flag, but with the familiar-looking apple in place of the skull.
The Pirate Bay website that became accessible again, with a waving pirate flag and a timer that showed the time elapsed since the police raid, is now counting up time to a probable date of February 1, states (http://www.
A BOY of seven has been ordered to take down a pirate flag in his back garden - or his family will face prosecution.
Among other exhibitors are "Stuffit", whose artwork, like his "mortgage strike" advert, is made for public places rather than investment value; Vinca Petersenn who has opted out of mainstream society to focus on travellers, protesters, the free party scene and other ways of living; and Robin Bhattacharya who includes a photograph of the raising of a Jolly Roger pirate flag on Lake Zurich - one of the rich city's few public spaces where protests can be staged.
This fabulously fun, nautical-themed play centre includes a fabric hull with peep port holes, ladder leading to the play deck and 6ft wave slide, handle grips, pirate flag, ships wheel and swing.
The clock is ticking on The Pirate Bay homepage as the pirate flag waves.
Currently, the website only displays a waving pirate flag.
Large pirate flag, Pedlars Selection of cup cakes, Asda Kids' china printed tea set, Emma Bridgewater Bright balloons for any occasion, Oscar's Den
The 22-year-old's company and website is called Pretty Black, a reference to a pirate flag as many of her designs feature skulls.