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with strong spices


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Trevor's characterization of this homeless underclass as "maggots" (102) who, when night falls, crawl into makeshift shelters in building sites, alleyways, and courtyards piquantly captures the neo-liberal contempt in which they are held.
Lewis's shaven Aslan, a tortured and atoning cat, and, more piquantly, with a riposte to creationism that in Lewis's allegory one's connectedness to the animals may be one's salvation.
Enjoy the royal spirit piquantly palpable in dishes from Awadh.
s piquantly rounded assessment of Stonewall Jackson (in yet another nourishing book review); Michael Hill's stirring defense of Southern "backwardness"; William Murchison on Southern cuisine.
To her credit, Germain piquantly executes the inevitable transition from repressed spinster to infatuated maiden.
More piquantly, as the dean of the University of Arkansas School of Law, she uses her Twitter feed to propel discussion on topics ranging from the incongruent sentencing of crack and powder cocaine offenders, to workplace discrimination, to the effects of the Census on poverty.
In what is arguably the most piquantly uneasy episode of the whole film, a visibly embarrassed Borat tells the woman he is sorry--and thus the irony: presumably, it takes a British comedian to apologize to her on the behalf of the whole white population of the U.
IN THE PAST MONTH, the monetary base--also known as M0 or, more piquantly, high-powered money--has shot up 25 percent.
19) WorkCkoices Case (2006) 229 CLR 1, 87-8 (Gleeson CJ, Gummow, Hayne, Heydon and Crennan JJ), citing Bateman v Service (1881) 6 App Cas 386, and piquantly relying on choice-of-law doctrine to argue that constitutional arguments should not rely on choice-of-law doctrine.
This piquantly titled book indeed speaks to a great truth unknown to nearly everyone except the super-techies of the computer world: the first concepts and technical innovations that led to our present Information Society had their origins in the esoteric world of the French commercial silk weavers back during the Napoleonic Age.
Here, too, Nott offered more than typical token support, providing propulsive but hardly rushed playing and encouraging the brasses to piquantly accent the music.
The Story of Chicago May piquantly reassesses May Duignan's earlier account of her life while it also treats us to a self-portrait of Nuala O'Faolain who proves to be just as volatile and just as fascinating.
The same thought was piquantly expressed in his notebook: "Some would die of thirst between a carafe of water and a cup of coffee.
The wafer-thin cuts of beef were deliciously and piquantly seasoned, with slivers of Parmesan that were almost translucent.