piping plover

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small plover of eastern North America

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In late spring and summer, the beach hosts threatened piping plovers, willet and sandpipers, as well as roseate, common and least terns.
Unfortunately, the piping plover won't feed in such muck, and thus must compete with people for space on the beach.
With beach season coming soon, Bailey added that Plover Patrol volunteers are needed to help protect Delawares endangered piping plovers and other beachnesting birds.
Of greatest concern may be their impact on our endangered, beach-nesting piping plovers.
In the alkali lakes area (which includes five national wildlife refuges from northeast Montana to central North Dakota), the piping plover population has nearly doubled in the last five years, according to Mueller.
Piping plovers, Charadrius melodus, breed on Atlantic coastal beaches from Newfoundland to North Carolina.
Only 14 nesting pairs of piping plovers were at the refuge last year, compared with more than 900 in 1966.
Because it also hosts the critically challenged piping plover, the beach has long been off-limits to humans during breeding season.
Wow - you found a piping plover, and it's on its nest," he said.
Most enlightened sportsmen sympathetically understand the survival problems of the highly endangered piping plover and want to help it.
Piping plover conservation attempts has obstructed outer beach access in recent years, however last season Orleans executed a groundbreaking plan that permitted off-road vehicles access.
A fox in the hen house is bad, but no worse than a crow on a piping plover beach.
The other three species--bald eagle (Haliaeetus leucocephalus), least tern (Sterna antillarum), and piping plover (Charadrius melodus)--inhabit boundary areas where little training occurs.
At Gateway National Recreation Area, the Park Service has closed sections of the beach to provide nesting habitat for another threatened shorebird, the piping plover.