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derived from pepper (especially black pepper)

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Piperine is the substance in black pepper that is the reason behind its characteristic pungency and the main agent for its thermogenic properties.
The aim of this present study was to explore the utility of the principles of niosomal drug delivery systems to formulate a sustained release system for MTX alone and along with bioenhancers (a mixture of piperine and curcumin) by thin film hydration technique such that an increased entrapment, with increased storage stability and prolong release could be achieved.
Our findings suggest that piperine, a major component of black pepper, inhibits fat cell differentiation thus leading to its potential use in the treatment of obesity-related diseases," writes researcher Ui-Hyun Park of Sejong University in Seoul, Korea, in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry.
Soo-Jong Um, Ji-Cheon Jeong and colleagues describe previous studies indicating that piperine reduces fat levels in the bloodstream and has other beneficial health effects.
Piperine has been demonstrated to lower lipid peroxidation in vivo and beneficially influence antioxidant status (9).
It contains piperine and inhibits some proinflammatory cytokines produced by tumour cells.
It contains piperine and inhibits some pro-inflammatory cytokines produced by tumour cells.
CRINA[R] Poultry Plus is described by the company as "a unique formulation of essential oil compounds such as thymol, eugenol, piperine and benzoic acid".
In the current study, three plant-derived compounds found in normal dietary sources, resveratrol, piperine, and cinnamaldehyde, were tested for anti-cancer activity, specifically for growth effect on proliferation of human colon cancer cells.
The fruits contain 1% volatile oil, resin, alkaloids, piperine and piperlongumine, and a terpenoid substance.
A study on mice found that piperine, which gives pepper its pungent smell, can stimulate the skin to produce pigment.
Piperine gives pepperits characteristic pungent flavour.
Piperine, an herb common in Asian remedies, "increases the bioavailability of a lot of medications," Dr.
The most accepted scientific fact is that pepper contains the chemical piperine, which gives it heat, and this causes irritation if it is inhaled.