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derived from pepper (especially black pepper)

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Badmaev V, Majeed M, Prakash L, Piperine derived from black pepper increases the plasma levels of coenzyme Q10 following oral supplementation.
However, in vitro and in vivo experiments conducted with the parent compound piperine, indicate that Cosmoperine may operate by increasing membrane fluidity and creating affinity of nutrient/drug to the cell membrane.
Several human studies have been done with a supplement containing curcumin, piperine, EGCG, alpha-lipoic acid, N-acetylcysteine, B vitamins, vitamin C, and folate in those with mild to moderate Alzheimer's disease.
The study found that piperine significantly increases the bioavailability of Resveratrol by 229%.
14), (15) BCM-95[R] was also more than six times as bioavailable as a leading mixture of curcumin with two other natural products, lecithin and piperine.
Sabinsa believes strongly in the value of its BioPerine product an extract of black pepper standardized for the alkaloid piperine.
Sabinsa Corporation's (Piscataway, NJ)leading entry in the weight management category is LeanGard, a blend of three of the company's leading ingredients-Forslean, a Coleus forskohli root extract containing 10% forskolin;Garcitrin from Garcinia cambogia (Malabar tamarind) containing hydroxycitric acid and garcinol;and Bioperione, a patented standardized extract from black pepper fruit containing 95% piperine.
i] values much lower than those of other natural substances such as catechine and piperine, and were very close to that of the synthetic selective MAO-B inhibitor deprenyl (selegiline) (Table 2).
Piscataway, NJ, has secured a patent in Japan for its branded ingredient Bioperine, a standardized piperine composition derived from black pepper extract Patent No.
Piperine has been reported to have broad bioactive properties ranging from antimicrobial, antidepressant, anti-inflammatory, antioxidative to anticancer activities.
During her presentation, Jacknin reviewed the UV prevention benefits of resveratrol, green algae, lichen, raspberry seed oil and piperine.
Comparative efficacy of piperine and curcumin in deltamethrin induced splenic apoptosis and altered immune functions.
Piperine, the active constituent of black pepper, has been shown to prevent the formation of reactive oxygen species and to reduce the resulting oxidative damage, suggesting it may be useful for anti-cancer treatment (Srinivasan, 2007; Ahmad et al.
Curcuminoids were administered at a daily dose of 1 g, and were co-supplemented with piperine (10 mg/day) in order to boost oral bioavailability.
This book brings together 20 years of scientific validation of the traditionally known medicinal values of black pepper, in particular its chief chemical constituent piperine, in a systematic and scientific way.