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wind instrument whose sound is produced by means of pipes arranged in sets supplied with air from a bellows and controlled from a large complex musical keyboard

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Electric pipe organs should not be confused with organs that have no pipes, and which produce sound by electronic means using speakers.
The large pipe organ fills the south transept of the church, with 27 pipes facing the nave.
The Harrison pipe organ was originally installed in 1869 and moved to its present position in the specially built organ chamber in 1905.
A sculpture of a boy on his rocking horse, a working pipe organ, a giant Battenberg cake and a blue cockerel are on the Plinth shortlist
The Rev John Routh, priest at Holy Trinity, said he was pleased with the parish's choice, working out much cheaper than a replacement pipe organ which would have cost between pounds 200,000 and pounds 300,000.
Regine Chassagne scampered from instrument to instrument, turning her sparkly pink-gloved hands to drums, keyboards, pipe organ and hurdy gurdy, while her impossibly-tall husband Win Butler played guitar and sang his impassioned vocals after begging the crowd to party, telling them: "This isn't f***ing Sunday school.
A violin, trombone and drum joined the pipe organ for music before the show and between the acts.
Today, Reseda Elementary -- recipient of a California Distinguished School Award this year -- has 542 students, 23 classrooms, 30 teachers and administrators, and an old pipe organ that has survived three earthquakes.
Joseph in Rensselaer is eagerly anticipating a glorious recital on Mother's Day (May 13th) to rededicate the magnificent twenty-ton pipe organ in the choir loft at historic St.
He occasionally talks with composers, organists, organ builders and restorers, but most often he muses about the delights of the unique and varied voices of which a pipe organ is comprised.
In addition, the Congregation has carried out the reconstruction of its extraordinary pipe organ, originally built by Casavant Freres.
But it's the 20-plus guest players, on everything from French horn and trumpet to clavinet, pipe organ and violin that push Witch Season into a sonic space that defies all genres.
This tune was specially composed for a Cymanfa Ganu at Capel Rhondda, Hopkinstown, Pontypridd when it was played for the first time upon the newly installed pipe organ which is still used today.
At the Matthias Church, the imperial couple listened to a performance of Japanese songs on a pipe organ.
The ballet is set to Bach organ music, played on electronic keyboards geared to duplicate the sound of a traditional pipe organ.