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a small round container that is open at the top for holding tobacco


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10,200 Great Lakes Calumet Pipe Stem with Catlinite Pipe Bowl From the Collection of Jim Ritchie (1938-2015), Toledo, Ohio.
Waanatan's catlinite pipe bowl is of the typical 'T' shape, in the Plains Indian style, carved with raised rings at the three ends and surrounding the junction of bowl and shaft.
Sinew-sewn, softly-tanned, thick hide with lower portion of bag detailed with images of pipe bowls, crosses, and horse tracks; executed using bead colors of red white-heart, dark blue, greasy yellow, pea green, and white; throat of bag coated with yellow pigment; tin cones filled with yellow-dyed horsehair hang from beaded tabs at opening; bag is finished with quilled slats and thin fringe, overall length 37 in.
Lamella mats aluminum coated 520 m for pipes, : - Lamella mats aluminum coated with metal jacket 20 m for pipelines, - Aluminum coated lamella mats 1300 m2 for ventilation ducts, : - Lamella mats aluminum coated with metal jacket 3200 m2 for ventilation ducts, : - Aluminum coated pipe sections 6 600 m for pipes, : - Pipe bowls with aluminum coated sheet metal jacket 520 m for pipes, - Synt rubber 320 m2 for ventilation ducts, : - Synt rubber with metal jacket 60 m2 for ventilation ducts, : - Synt rubber 380 m for pipes, : - Synt rubber sheet metal jacket 180 m for pipelines, : - Foam glass insulation 120 m for pipes, - Fire protection covering 150 m2 vocabulary for LE-ftungskanEnle.
One joint-year of exposure was defined as the equivalent of 365 joints or filled pipe bowls smoked.
Lifetime exposure to marijuana joints was expressed in joint-years, with 1 joint-year of exposure equivalent to smoking 365 joints or filled pipe bowls.
The advent of European metal tools allowed Indian pipe-makers to create new forms of pipe bowls and stems.
A porcupine quill medicine bag, pipe bowls and a gunstock club crafted by nations living around the Great Lakes during the seventeenth and nineteenth centuries are among the pieces now displayed in the gallery's Canadian wing.
Many datable finds include pottery and clay pipe bowls, some from the 17th century.
Henry coined the name "Missouri Meerschaum" for his clay, patented the process by which applied his plaster-like substance to the pipe bowls, and the H.