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Synonyms for piousness

a state of often extreme religious ardour

Synonyms for piousness

righteousness by virtue of being pious

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The programme feeds some extremist ideas that the state is fighting religion and piousness.
Aside from the general stories told about both of them and their piousness, (218) Rav's court is actually famous for having flogged people for contracting marriages without previous arrangements.
Pictures and videos of the Turkish first lady, crying emotionally as Muslims in Myanmar told of their suffering and pleaded for help, circulated on Arab social media, hailed as an example of the piousness and morality of Turkey's ruling class.
Indeed, those who seek the world in order to be assisted by it towards attaining to the Afterlife, how could they be disregardful of the profit of the Afterlife (ribh al-akhira) when the market (al-suq), the mosque (al-masjid), and the home (albayt) are for him [governed by] one law (55) (hukm wahid), and salvation is only through piousness (al-taqwa)?
Their piousness renders them inappropriate to be treated as goods.
In fact, the issue of religiosity such as devotion, piousness and others related qualities are significantly related to the ethics which a Muslim accountant should stick to in practicing accountancy.
I'm a huge Red Sox fan, but there's a sort of clannishness and a piousness to Boston that I don't really cotton to.
The Brothers also exploited the abject poverty gripping the Egyptian nation to increase their popularity with feigned piousness.
This opening also slyly refers to the set of expectations that followed Tina Fey to 30 Rock--that it would be a show "for women" and even a show "elevating the way women are perceived in society"--the piousness of the latter statement marking it as a satirical take on the gender representation we see on both TGS and 30 Rock.
In fact, through her cutting commentaries on "Cleopatra" and "La vie d'une femme," Lucy exposes how enforcing patriarchal ideals of women through such visual representation can falter; the women in the paintings Paul recommends are frozen in displays of supposed piousness for exhibition, yet Lucy claims they merely act out stylized patriarchal depictions of piousness rather than true sincerity.
correlating the piousness of a Muslim to the likelihood of that Muslim being a terrorist -- "contending that the more 'devout' a Muslim, the more likely he is to be 'violent.
Let my sudden piousness not surprise you: I have a few frum guests at my table for the Passover; a few Wertheimers from Frankfort, my maternal relatives; Dr.
We feel that the motorists should be more cautious while driving during the holy month of Ramadan so that the general feeling of piousness does not turn tragic.
Arnold was renowned for his piousness and generosity to the poor as well as his promotion of beer as a safe and healthy beverage.
Marked as unoccupied lands on the 'De Rays Map', New France, as the area was to be called, would bring the majesty and the Catholic piousness of Old French civilisation to the western Pacific.