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a pin or bolt forming the pivot of a hinge

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The pintle includes a locking mechanism to sync the cradle with the pintle adaptor so that the weapon/cradle rotates with the front gunner's shield.
Kerrin McEvoy on Pintle - an emerging talent whose value in the saddle will be fully appreciated in the next few seasons
The first grease fitting is located on top but inside the recessed portion of the pintle.
Kerrin McEvoy is rapidly becoming as popular as the end of the pier show as he made it two winners from three rides at the track with an all-the-way success on Pintle
Factory options and dealer-installed accessories include a steering wheel (instead of the standard handlebars), foam-filled tires, portable charger, headlight, front hydraulic brake, hour meter, lift-out battery tray and a clevis or pintle hitch.
Typical applications include submersible pump rotors, tube sheet resurfacing, condensers, cooling pump impellers, butterfly valves and cavitation pumps, line tanks and chutes, resurfacing and repair of rudders and pintle housings, and line chemical containment areas.
Options available for the LSC light tower include a block heater and a combination hitch with a 21/2-inch pintle eye and a 2-inch ball.
Its pintle then expands slightly for an especially tight seal.
We did a lot of tweaking with the design to make sure the pintle was in the right place," said Javorsky, referring to the arm's pivot point.
Delphi's Multec homogeneous GDi injector is a patented multi-hole injector engineered with a unique decoupled design offering high dynamic range, very low noise, and no pintle bounce for precise fuel control.
The unique design also allows greater polishing flexibility for growers processing differing types of vegetables throughout the year, as it incorporates a range of polishing tools, including an interchangeable brush, rubber pintle or plane stainless steel barrel plates.
The gun was attached at the front to a swivel known as a pintle and the rear was attached to an assembly known as a traversing and elevation mechanism, also referred to as a T+E.
Besides the possibility of hydraulic tool centering, it offers the advantages of a smooth axial pintle movement for the wall thickness adjustment, as well as a hydraulic push-out device for the guide piece.
The pintle hook hit directly on the wheel assembly, preventing damage to the stub-wing.
Marcus Tregoning is confident that Basaata will also like the ground and thinks she should run well despite finishing only seventh behind Pintle last time - the latter has impressed trainer John Spearing at home since that Listed win.