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a pin or bolt forming the pivot of a hinge

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As for weapons, the roll bar can accommodate a medium calibre weapon, while pintle mounts can be installed in many other locations providing 360[degrees] coverage with small calibre machine guns.
There are six different height adjustments, so you can choose the correct position for your M-ATV's pintle height and tire settings.
The pintle hook hit directly on the wheel assembly, preventing damage to the stub-wing.
TSgt Lyons and SSgt Hernandez were instrumental during two DULL SWORD investigations of MB-4 tow vehicle pintle hook breakages.
In addition to SWORDS the T-250D mounts on any military vehicle with a pintle receiver, operates from an M-3 or M-122 tripod for ground operations and can be mounted in an armored housing for fixed asset protection.
It is available with a ball-type trailer hitch or pintle hitch for military deployment.
The machine gun mount has a pivot point that allows a six-inch arm with a pintle lock at the end to rotate the gun 360 degrees.
Hayley Turner 95 11 (1) 010 PINTLE (12) (D) J L Spearing 5 9 0 .
Additionally, equipping Humvees with a device known as the Squad Automatic Weapon Pintle Mount Assembly allows Soldiers to be more secure on patrols than they were without the devices, officials said.
He won on his debut at the track on Wednesday night and followed up with a comfortable success on Pintle in the Custom Kitchens Fillies' Handicap.
aeiou words: armigerous, epuration, inquorate, ossuaries, uvarovite lesser-known counterparts: epizootic, anile, estivate, thegosis, trilemma reversible words (semordnilaps): avid, ogre, debut, nonet, rebus words for odds & ends: aglet, chad, tittle, grommet, pintle spell-checker demons: impassible, wether, specie, angary, demur words from placenames: Ultima Thule, El Dorado, Timbuktu, Brigadoon, stoic
62 pintle and coaxial-mounted machine guns (not to mention small arms)--does in fact add substantial combat power.
The current AD's require modification of the rear spar web of the wing and cold expansion of certain attachment holes for the forward pintle fitting as well as certain holes at the actuating cylinder anchorage of the main landing gear.
Hammered into one of these I happened to notice an old pintle for hanging a gate.
Drilling the holes as a secondary operation after molding, normally a "no-no," cut tool costs to only $3200 for the gudgeon and $2900 for the pintle.