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any of three breeds of dogs whose ears and tail are usually cropped

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IT'S A DOG'S LIFE: Miniature doberman pinscher Max poses in matching designer parka and booties.
However, the city proves its originality by also including some unique choices in its Top 10, such as the statuesque Doberman Pinscher, friendly Maltese and tiny, rambunctious Chihuahua.
As a teenager, he found he had a natural rapport with animals after a friend asked his advice on how to handle a problem with her Doberman pinscher.
Tiny, four-pound Miniature Pinscher "Bosco" won grand prize honors for the second year in a row in Saturday's popular LobsterDog Parade and competition.
Leena and Larry Lauman of Manhattan Beach are spin fishing with their miniature pinscher, Moose, who's sporting a doggie life preserver and takes a dip occasionally.
Sally Benson, of New Jersey, had taught German pinscher Thor to dial 911 by smearing cream cheese on the buttons.
When Dobrow and his family couldn't find an apartment community that would accept Boo, their 120-pound German Pinscher, they had no choice but to leave the dog with Dobrow's father until they were able to buy a house.
For example, if a pet owner has an older Doberman Pinscher, PetPlace.
In addition to the dogs at his kennel, Dorafshar says he has a very lovable pit bull, Rottweiler, Doberman pinscher and chow chow at his house.
West Hills resident Patrick Kennedy saw a coyote attack his miniature pinscher Kozmoe two months ago and said coyotes have always posed a threat to pets in his neighborhood in the 7900 block of Maestro Avenue.
He brought his two dogs, a miniature pinscher named Lulu, and Kiki, an Italian greyhound, to Petco on Friday to have their nails clipped.
AN ANIMAL lover had to strangle his pet Doberman Pinscher with its own lead after the dog turned on him.
answers 12 10 Berne), or (Bern 9 1840, 8 Burns, Robert 7 1984, 6 London, 5 wrist, Hand/ 4 Pinscher, Doberman 3 Chickpea, 2 Theatre, People's 1 questions: 10 I: AM WHO Barker Sue flowers) fragrant of Bunch (Awordwise: Yesterday's C.
La primera, mientras veia una serie titulada "El Puntero", en Netflix, algunas escenas y el peso de toda la historia me llevaron a entristecerme, esto fue el motivo para que mis dos acompanantes: un par de perritas de la raza Pinscher (doberman miniatura), al verme, alzando sus orejitas, casi al mismo tiempo se levantaron para Irse a acostarse a mi lado, acomodando sus cabecitas, clavandoseme entre mis brazos.
Sharon was 28 and unaware she was pregnant - but she miscarried after the onslaught by a doberman pinscher and a Bernese mountain dog, which can weigh more than 7st.