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any of three breeds of dogs whose ears and tail are usually cropped

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For example, in Ohio, Allstate excludes pit bulls, Doberman pinschers and rottweilers, she said.
Having a dog gives me a little distraction," said Alison Fishman, 29, who borrowed Jill Bowers' Doberman pinscher, Quinn, for a recent class.
The slew of superimposed personal hygiene ads, 1950s feminine icons, foreign words, pistols, atomic bombs, and Doberman Pinscher heads, coupled with larger, realistic paintings of a Velveeta box, a TV test pattern, and an all-American mother scattering a bag of potato chips across the canvas toward her two children--all this amounts to an untimely information overload, a visual prolixity from which it is difficult to discern what has been picked up or casually laid down.
Animal care assistant Lindsey Gibson with the donated pounds 100 winning lottery ticket and Mason, the Doberman pinscher.
We want them all, including the Neapolitan Mastiff who strongly resembles a casserole left out in the rain, and the Miniature Pinscher, who looks like he could bring down a freight train but is only about 11 inches tall.
The Thundercats' home planet has been invaded by The Dogs of War, a race of imperialist war-mutts led by Doberlord, a Doberman pinscher who dresses like a Roman Emperor.
The 72-year-old farmer denied causing unnecessary suffering to the Doberman Pinscher, but was convicted by North Avon justices.
He has four dogs of his own--a Rottweiler, Jack Russell, Doberman Pinscher and Shih Tzu.
One detail that will distinguish them is that Doug is talking to Gunner here, his brother's Doberman pinscher.
The book and Beanie Baby[R] are based on a miniature pinscher named Jack who works as a Facility Based Service Dog at Mayo Clinic.
Not only do I enjoy posting pictures of my miniature pinscher constantly to my social media channels, but I am also very entertained by photos and videos that other owners post of their own dogs," says co-founder Erika Gutierrez.
CUTLINE: Veterinary technician Michelle Crotty of Sutton looks on as Cheyenne, a 7-year-old Doberman pinscher, waits for a treat from Dr.
The Portuguese Water Dog, named Matisse, beat out another fan favorite: a Doberman pinscher named Fifi, whose fans took to Facebook to express their frustration and disappointment.
Washington, Nov 15 ( ANI ): Ryan Lochte's Doberman pinscher, Carter, joined the Olympic swimmer for his Sexiest Man Alive shoot, where he showed off his flawless physique while lying on the sand.