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edible seed of any of several nut pines especially some pinons of southwestern North America

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This small distributor packages more than two dozen regional specialties, including pinon nut cookies, Zuni corn soup, Navajo fry bread, and red chili popcorn.
However the seeds of the pinyon pines (Pinus edulis and Pinus monophylla) which produce in the south-western US and in northern Mexico are known as pinon nuts.
Beauty Beside Me: Stories of My Grandmother's Skirts" is a bilingual, beautifully color illustrated book about a Navajo grandmother who wears different colored skirts for different purposes, sharing her knowledge, wisdom, and love with her granddaughter in many different activities, such as cooking, planting, weaving, picking herbs, or pinon nuts, or herding sheep.
NOTES Pinon nuts, grown in the Southwest's high desert, are the intensely flavored cousins of the more common Italian pine nut.
For example, the Anasazi of Chaco Canyon deforested their surroundings, although they needed the pinon nuts for food and the wood for firewood and construction.
Pinon nuts were a staple in the diet of indigenous people of the Southwest and today are an ingredient in many regional dishes.
The laham bayin, chopped beef served with pinon nuts atop Arab bread, was a bit lower key than the other dishes, but nonetheless satisfying for those hamburger fans.