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meal made of finely ground corn mixed with sugar and spices

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The newly constructed Pinole Point Distribution Center offers three warehouses with features including generous loading and truck parking strategically located with access to transportation infrastructure including major interstate highways, the port of Oakland, Oakland International Airport and the entire San Francisco Bay Area.
On a whiteboard in P-Lo and Kuya Beats' home studio in nearby Pinole, someone has scrawled "Hella Brown Kids," an alternative FIBK definition that's a joke, but a fitting one for a uniquely diverse crew in a uniquely integrated city.
Los hongos que lo plagaban se llamaban cuitlacochi, 'suciedad que duerme'; si el elote se tostaba y molia, surgia una harina que podia comerse o prepararse en agua fresca: el pinole.
The poster will be unveiled by Congressman George Miller (D-California), who chairs the House Education and Labor committee along with members of the CDC, the Oakland Raiders, San Francisco 49ers and local athletes on the football field at Pinole Vally (CA) High School.
Survivors include his wife; a son, John Pigeon of Springfield; two brothers, Guy and Russell, both of Bend; three sisters, Marlene Dunmyer of Arizona, Carolyn Care of Sweet Home and Connie Shortreed of Pinole, Calif.
Jesus Guijarro is profiled in the May 30 Alameda Times Star and the Pinole Sunday Times.
Joseph Mariotti, George Vincent, Jeff Rubin and the Pinole Historical Society's PINOLE (0738570427, $21.
John Holmes of Pinole Valley High School in Pinole, California,
24, 2004, after Jeff Rubin, a 59-year old former copy editor from Pinole, Calif.
Survived by beloved wife of 57 years, Nancy (Osborn); daughter Alice, husband Joseph Collins, children Ben and Anna, of Rutland, MA; son David, wife Michele King, children Marc and Emily, of Mountain View, CA; daughter Judith, husband Michael Farrell, son Joshua, of Pinole, CA; daughter Amy, husband William Cay, children Henry and Larisa, of Cambridge, MA.
En zonas como el Bajio y la Mesa Central, al pinole se le considera una golosina insustituible sobre todo durante el invierno (Lopez, 1989).
De los guisos, comidas y sus ingredientes: tamales, pozole, atole, pinole, chilaquiles, chocolate, cuitlacoche, chilpachole, totopo, enchiladas, cocol, tepache, mezcal, tequila, mole, guacamole, escamoles, chilpocle, tlacoyos, mixiotes, nenepil.
Pinole was incorporated in 1903 and is located in Western Contra Costa County.
There are a million pool guys who [don't work on spas] because they're basically afraid of electricity," says Rick Dykstra, owner of Bay Area Spa Repair in Pinole, Calif.
One doctor in Pinole, California, is a case in point.