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process by which certain cells can engulf and incorporate droplets of fluid

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After activation, macrophages can inhibit the growth and transferring of tumor cells and may have stronger immune functions of endocellular sterilization, exocellular oncolysis, phagocytosis and pinocytosis.
Huestis and Choo (2002) describe the mechanisms responsible for the transfer: active transport (requires energy to move fluids into the cell), passive diffusion (requires no energy for movement), and pinocytosis (moves fluids by invagination of cell membrane).
Under severe inflammatory conditions even native LDL may be taken up by pinocytosis into macrophages and induce CVD.
Normally, two mechanisms are employed to ascertain that the internalization of biomolecules mainly liquids is liquids are seep in by pinocytosis and solids by phagocytosis.
This explanation proved wrong: the alterations are caused by pinocytosis, and vacuolization was found even pronounced upon IOCM [40, 60, 90, 91].
The contrast medium opens tight capillary connections and passes the blood-brain barrier by increasing endothelial pinocytosis.
Like IgGs, a Ibumin is taken up by cells through nonspecific pinocytosis and is protected from intracellular degradation through pH-dependant binding to the FcRn in acidic endosomes.
Gonzalez-Noriega A, Grubb JH, Talkad V and WS Sly Chloroquine inhibits lysosomal enzyme pinocytosis and enhances lysosomal enzyme secretion by impairing receptor recycling.
Once the EB attaches to the columnar epithelial cell it is incorporated into the cell by a process of pinocytosis, in which the organism is surrounded with a phagosome membrane (Friss 1972).
It has been reported that the ingestion of small particles by cells occurs by endocytosis or pinocytosis for nanometersized particles (less than 150 nm).