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division of a usually pinnately divided leaf


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Pinnules sharply serrate, lateral lobes oblong and somewhat rounded; blades remaining green in winter 4.
The interval between pinnule midveins ranges from 7 to 15 mm and the pinnule lamina generally overlap a little (Fig.
In addition, stomatal density is low in this taxon since the occurrence of stomata is restricted to the marginal parts of pinnules.
12 documents a rather broad and short pinnule (compare with typical M.
Figure 10 conveys a sense of the abundance of densely-occurring detached, fragmentary ultimate-alethopterid pinnae, and caducous linopterid pinnules that are associated with the medullosalean axes throughout the sample area.
Pinnae and pinnules arise as small multicellular mounds that later develop tetrahedral apical cells, which produce segments on three sides.
More than 95% of this plant material comprises remains of medullosan pteridosperms, including trunks [less than or equal to] 95 mm in diameter that show resin rodlets and downward-recurved petioles, large bifurcating petioles [less than or equal to] 56 mm in diameter, and pinnae of Macroneuropteris scheuchzeri with cyclopterid pinnules, and Neuropteris ovata.
In the course of evolution the fern sporangia shifted in position from terminal on rachis branches to marginal and finally superficial on the laminae of well-developed pinnules (Halle, 1935).
Soft corals have closely spaced pinnules, or branches, on their tentacles that make them well suited for capturing phytoplankton, which are smaller than zooplankton, the authors note.
Crinoids can discard and then regenerate various appendages, such as arms, cirri, pinnules (Candia Carnevali, 2006), and the entire calyx and internal organs (Amemiya and Oji, 1992).
Lygodium japonicum is a perennial fern with wiry brown rachis and yellowish green leaflets or pinnules capable of forming thick mats that can shade and eliminate underlying vegetation.
5) sparsely branched to third or fourth order, branches arising laterally and at right angles to lower ramifications; stem and branches with four to six longitudinal rows of primary pinnules arranged bisserially and in alternating groups along the length of axis; posterior primaries 2.
Rhizome elongated (internodes distinct), apex usually protruding more than 1 cm past leaves; pinnules near middle of blade dissected to midrib (pinnate); bulbletsabsent; leaf blades usually widest near middle C.
Leaves glabrous or essentially so; pinnules entire or lobed only at base .