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aquatic carnivorous mammal having a streamlined body specialized for swimming with limbs modified as flippers

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Together with the cetaceous remains there was a partially articulated rib cage of a large pinniped, probably an Otariidae.
Pinniped phylogeny and a new hypothesis for their origin and dispersal.
Further influence on the foraging of pinnipeds is water temperature, which seems to condition the arrival of sea lions at the Rio Grande do Sul shelf.
42) The Task Force is made up of "designated employees of the Department of Commerce, scientists who are knowledgeable about the pinniped interaction that the application addresses," (43) and interest groups such as conservation groups, fishing community organizations, Indian Treaty tribes, and the states.
Pinniped haulout sites were monitored during a terrestrial survey in the 1950's in the Koryak National Okrug (Fig.
1990)), loss of nesting habitat to erosion and trampling by pinnipeds, and human disturbance (Lewis and Tyler 1987, PRBO unpublished data).
All seals and walruses are classified as pinnipeds, which means "wing or fin-footed," yet true seals differ from their more well-known cousins.
Nearly all species of pinnipeds have been hunted by man for their meat, fur, oil, or ivory.
Running from Friday February 27 to Sunday March 1 the new event will highlight the conservation work being done to help native UK creatures as well as provide visitors with an insight in to seals, sea lions and other members of the pinniped family.
A similar scenario is obviously occurring for pinniped species from the South Hemisphere based on the existing literature available elsewhere (see references aforementioned).
This database contains surveys of sea lion rookeries and haul-out sites but also other pinniped species that were sighted.
This article provides a review of influenza viruses in pinnipeds with the goal of increasing recognition of potential wildlife influenza epicenters, particularly in coastal centers with large pinniped populations.
The new finding could be the missing link in pinniped evolution, the researchers note.