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a sleeveless dress resembling an apron

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Claims from Masons that they are just a charitable bunch took a knock when a legal bid by the United Grand Lodge of England to avoid VAT on pinnies was rejected because they were judged insufficiently philanthropic.
Atomic Kitten stars Kerry Katona, Natasha Hamilton and Liz McClarnon also got in on the act to showcase the charity mugs, tea towels and pinnies.
Pinnies can characterise the workplace too, such as plastic aprons for laboratories, leather ones for tradesmen or chef's whites in a professional kitchen.
She said: "The girls all came with little white pinnies over their dresses while boys came as urchins with their torn kneelength trousers, rags and muddy faces.
Wraparound pinnies, ration books, dried eggs and even a Mickey Mouse gas mask are needed to help children understand British history.
Ready Steady Bake encourages people to get their pinnies on and raise money by selling their bakes, with all proceeds going to the Selly Oak hospice.
NEW The Great British Bake Off BBC1, 8pm 10 hopefuls fire up their kitchen aids and put on their pinnies to battle it out to impress Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood with their baking skills.
JAMES Morton's success on The Great British Bake Off has been inspiring men to put on their pinnies and start baking.
SPLASH GUARDS: There's a bit of blot printing in the offing here and children from Years 1 and 2 have donned pinnies to protect themselves from blotty accidents.
He recalled: "The best bit was when I got the three girls in the shop to dress up like French ma ids w i th an HRH on their frilly pinnies.
Mums are at home in pinnies, female characters always serve in shops and the men are policemen, fishermen or rogues.
But these pinnies are taking ethical fashion to a new dimension, with each apron containing 11 recycled 50cl bottles.
Eight very spacious dining berths and some happy ladies smartly dressed in pinnies barely compensated for some more poor lighting indoors.
Everyday domestic items such as wraparound pinnies, rations books and dried egg are needed for the World War Two handling collection at the Durham Light Infantry Museum, in Durham City.
There'll be a mad surge in the number of fat blokes in pinnies hanging out in motorway lay-bys.