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division of a usually pinnately divided leaf


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the externally visible cartilaginous structure of the external ear

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President of the Association Pinna APDPE Chokri Mansour said in a statement : " I believe that by facilitating the coordination of ecotourism projects, we will ensure that the local communities will more actively participate in providing service and organising programmes.
Otsfreesi kaldenurga halbe moju on analuusitud eesmargiga lisada antud parameeter toodeldud pinna kolme-mootmelise tekstuuri moodustamise matemaatilisse mudelisse.
Megalastrum puede distinguirse de otros helechos de gran porte por sus pinnas basales no equilateras, basiscopicamente mas desarrolladas, cara adaxial con tricomas blanquecinos, antrorsamente estrigosos, pluricelulares y con apice agudo no retorcido; ademas en las porciones distales del raquis los segmentos se vuelven sucesivamente mas adnatos y decurrentes sobre el raquis, en estos segmentos la vena que irriga al segmento se origina en el raquis de la pinna y no de la costula (Fig.
Preservation of the anatomical architecture of the pinna along with prevention of recurrence is the ideal treatment for this disease.
All affected dogs were having unilateral swelling on surface of ear pinnae either left or right side, except only one case of female German shepherd presented with bilateral swelling on surface of ear pinna.
Christophe Pinna, who had lunch at the same table as the former French international, said: "Initially, everyone thought he was messing.
com)-- Designed as replicas of the human ear, the new pinnas (Types DZ-9773 and DZ-9774) have been altered to a conical shape merged with a cylinder within the ear canal entrance, making it easier for engineers to seal earphones into the pinna during tests.
Four days later, a vesicular rash developed at the right earcanal and pinna.
He also had severe ectropion rudimentary pinna sparse hairline at the back of the scalp nasal hypoplasia and eclabium with a fixed open mouth.
SALVATORE Pinna has sent his recipe for roast figs, ricotta cheese, goji berries and lemon Tart a gorgeous.
Only the pinna, the projecting part of the ear, can be wiped with a soft wash cloth or a tissue.
This is applicable to Amphisbaena alba Linnaeus 1758, one of the most common and widely distributed amphisbaenids in South America east of the Andes (see Pinna et al.
Likewise, high toxicities were also observed in those bivalve species, Atrina vexillum, Pinna bicolor, and Pinna muricata, obtained from the sea grasses of sites 1 and 2.
indica establishment was evaluated by counting the number of motile stages and eggs per pinna using a hand lens (20 x).