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of or relating to a class of jobs once traditionally filled by women

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For both pink-collar and blue-collar workers, wage growth has been much higher for nonunion members than for union-members in unionized enterprises.
Because of his continuing transition, he never felt like he fit into the pink-collar salon world and wanted a place where both he and his clients would feel comfortable.
Green; "'Too Glamorous to Be Considered Workers': Flight Attendants and Pink-Collar Activism in Mid-Twentieth-Century America," by Kathleen M.
For example, Born Losers has little to say about ordinary American workers--the many blue-, white-, and pink-collar ones who emerged with the expansion of capitalism, and either supported or challenged the "ideology of achieved identity.
The piece is about "the feminization of poverty and the pink-collar ghetto--women within the service industry doing female-specific jobs.
Eating the Wedding Gifts is a cautionary tale of the high cost of early marriage, the real price of divorce and the grim pink-collar ghetto.
I did pink-collar work--waited tables, pasted up magazines, revolving-door teaching--and lived in offices and tenements until I was forty, i.
Banished from sales, she too was mired in a pink-collar ghetto and often refused basic necessities like restrooms.
These movements nationally and globally need to reach out to sweatshop workers, temporary workers, white-collar, pink-collar workers and mangers.
High Tech and High Heels in the Global Economy: Women, Work, and Pink-Collar Identities in the Caribbean by Carla Freeman.
While there is barely any connective tissue between several of the drama's most pivotal scenes, Foote's pink-collar heroine Rim often displays an analyst's precision at pinpointing the precise nature of her own dilemma.
My occupation categories are high blue-collar (comprising crafts workers, operatives/machinists, and technicians); low blue-collar (protective, farm, transportation, and laborer); pink-collar (sales, clerical, household, and service); and white-collar (executive and professional).
Low-income and blue- and pink-collar men and women who are grounded in the rural culture of this area must create independent pressure organizations and enter the public debate with the power of numbers behind their words.
So are people in countless other jobs that were created by the garment industry, from the assembly-line workers in the plants where sewing machines are built to the pink-collar staffs of the designers who cluster near the garment factories.
Using the occupational information in the CPS, we identified three non-exhaustive categories of workers: blue-collar (industrial), white-collar (professional), and pink-collar (administrative support and clerical).