pink wine

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pinkish table wine from red grapes whose skins were removed after fermentation began

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Some male rose fans, having read the piece in Details magazine last June that examined the burst of interest in pink wine among men, are proudly proclaiming their brose credentials.
The result is a dry pink wine with some of the color and aroma of a red wine and the structure and freshness of a white wine.
I can't stand yellow cheese, gray meat, purple ice cream, clear cola (OK, clear is not a color), pink wine, orange potato chips or that teal ketchup they started making for kids.
It used to be that pink wine meant white zinfandel or generic jug wines," said Brian Lechner, director of client service, Nielsen Beverage Alcohol.
Red Truck Wines, known for its popular Red Truck and White Truck blended wines as well as its single-varietals, has just introduced Pink Truck, a pink wine blend of Zinfandel, Grenache and Mourvedre.
And by Rose, while I do mean pink wine, I don't mean anything sweet and syrupy.
Bourbon, white and pink wine, aperitif, cordial (hardly
Pink Wine Gains New Respect Among Wine Connoisseurs
99 as part of a mixed six) can hardly have been in bottle for more than two or three weeks at most, but it really shows the advantage and delight of drinking pink wine at its most vibrantly fruity - when it's as fresh as possible.
Rose was not a big enough seller to include in the accompanying chart, though the pink wine made from red grapes gained 24% more sales than in the previous 12-month period, but selling less than $18 million in DtC shipments.
We are excited to have been chosen as the exclusive distributor for Notorious Pink wine," said Murphy Distributors president and founder, Matthew Murphy.
79, this dark pink wine scooped several awards for its 2012 vintage.
While Miller notes that while many of his customers who gravitate to rose may be a bit worldlier with a better understanding wine, some also order it based on its potential sweetness given that it is a pink wine.
This elegant pale pink wine charms from first sniff, with a delicate bouquet of apricots and roses.