pink slip

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official notice that you have been fired from your job

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Last year, more than 26,000 pink slips were sent out statewide to teachers and 16,000 were laid off.
Second, on February 6, 1935, he sent the petition and a form letter under Sentinels letterhead to 12,000 people urging them to complain about the pink slip and explaining exactly what steps they should take to do so.
Pink Slip Mid-Michigan, a program operated by Meridian Christian Community Ministries (MCCM), provides interactive networking opportunities for businesses and job seekers.
8220;In the community and for the community,” says Gregory Plotkin, president of Instant Pink Slip Loans.
Dean Hayes chose to turn a negative experience of getting a pink slip into a positive one.
The August results from UCubed's Pink Slip Primary, an online primary where the jobless decide which presidential candidate has the best jobs policies, show that None of the Above is the preferred candidate for two out of five jobless voters.
The winning pink slip was sold in News Read, Superquinn Shopping Centre, Blanchardstown, Dublin, for the draw of Wednesday, October 17.
The message isn't that Deaton ought to expect a pink slip anytime soon, but that he now is, clearly, on watch.
Neither actor is capable of stillness, and the first-act battle - oft interrupted - in Maggie and Brick's room - finds Mudge, in a revealing pink slip, creeping and slinking over every square inch of John Arnone's set.
Diddy, who also has a clothing range, revealed a one-of-a-kind pink slip.
After receiving her pink slip for the third time, Wright knew she needed to make some serious changes in her life, but find a way to encourage others to achieve a healthier work-life balance.
Instead, they've been reading Bob's Pink Slip comic strip in the Sunday Lowell Sun for the past three years.
Frank McCourt's circuitous search for a new general manager - which followed Paul DePodesta's equally circuitous search for a new manager, which helped lead to his pink slip - has now ended at the feet of Ned Colletti.
I'd recommend getting fired to anybody," says the glib-speaking Howard, a former CFS chief of regulatory affairs at the Sault's Great Lakes Forestry Centre who views receiving his pink slip a blessing in disguise.