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a cocktail made of gin and brandy with lemon juice and grenadine shaken with an egg white and ice

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Pink Lady licensor Coregeo said sales had been boosted by consumer and trade promotions.
Nevertheless, everything changes and I guess I feel a lot more secure these days, and besides Diamond Dot is eyeing the Pink Lady for herself.
Kate the Pink Lady KATE Moss was in the pink as she helped her hairdresser pal James Brown celebrate his 40th birthday.
This one, the Charter Arms Pink Lady, is your basic five-shot snubbie with a twist.
said the Pink Lady from Charter Arms has been a very successful gun in his store.
For further information please contact Alex Philpott or Nicola Gardner at the Pink Lady press office on +44(0)207-395-7023 or +44(0)207-395-7025: Nicola.
Many mothers are used to taking over abandoned projects from their children, but for Vanessa Witts, it meant taking on a booming cleaning business, Pink Lady Cleaners.
The Pink Lady winks and shoots me her best smile as she sums up 74 years of life in one delicious sentence.
She and her two Pink Lady Polecats teammates finished sixth in the Scott Dunn Polar Challenge, competing against 16 other teams.
To draw another analogy, few twentieth-century painters have explored the color pink so whole-heartedly as de Kooning, not to mention titles such as Pink Angels, Pink Lady, Pink Landscape, etc.
The crew of the Pink Lady were dramatically pulled to safety by a Danish cargo ship in heavy seas 370 miles off the Isles of Scilly.
The 48-year-old from Bridgend and his crew of three onboard the Pink Lady have been 37 days at sea.
The quartet set off for Falmouth from St John's in Newfoundland last Wednesday in a 35ft boat, Pink Lady.
LADY Godiva in Coventry city centre has become a pink lady to help raise awareness about breast cancer.
In the neighborhood of East Point, officials planned to build a new elementary school on 27 acres of woods containing 300-year-old oaks and rare pink lady slippers.