pink elephants

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any visual hallucination arising from heavy drinking

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Each year at their annual International IT Service Management Conference & Exhibition in Las Vegas, Pink Elephant honors the industrys best project, innovation, practitioner and case study of the year.
DANCING IN THE STREET The dreaded drink Oh, what problems it can cause Sometimes we don't know When to stop Labels and cheap booze Add fire to the flames The great escape, Into something else Out of control Taking time out Dancing on the street Let the world spin around Falling to the ground The Friday night streets And people you meet Strangers in the dream Lives falling apart Broken and scared This alcohol dream What does it mean Letting go, Flying to the Moon The dreaded drink And looking for pink elephants In a lost city Of let's party till late On a double date KENNETH MOOD
Google wants to keep your business, so it indexes millions of websites by sending out what are called "spiders" that read through the content of a website, follow all of the links so it can read all of the text on all of the different pages and then throw up the most relevant sites when a user types in say, pink elephants.
WHEN US President Bill Clinton said "I did not have sexual relations with that woman" little did he know he was committing one of the world's great pink elephants.