pink disease

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serious bark disease of many tropical crop trees (coffee, citrus, rubber)

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Epidemiology and other characteristics of pink disease
In other geographic regions, the incidence of pink disease increases also in the rainy season, February, March and April in Hawaii and Taiwan, and August and September in the Philippines (HINE, 1976; ROHRBACH; Johnson, 2003; rohrbach; pfeiffer, 1975).
Other biological or environmental factors might be required for the bacterial outbreak, since not all the wet seasons shown higher incidence of pink disease (HINE, 1976).
It is noteworthy that a biochemical basis of pink disease had been suggested by Buddenhagen and Dull since 1967.
The application of insecticides in pineapple fields has been suggested to decrease the incidence of pink disease (KADO, 2003).
gladioli UAPS07070 hampers its use as a biocontrol agent of pink disease.