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larvae of a gelechiid moth introduced from Asia

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These practices reduce habitat and food available to the boll weevil, pink bollworm, boll-worm and tobacco budworm.
The meeting decided preparing a plan for pink bollworm management to fight challenges of the cotton loss in the country.
All rearing procedures followed standard protocols for rearing pink bollworm (Stewart et al.
The main reason behind cotton collapse had been attributed to substandard imported seed which was not immune from pest attack as claimed and absence of any spray to kill pink bollworm which destroyed 60 per cent of the crop, he added.
The larvae of the pink bollworm attack plants at the beginning of the fruiting stage causing huge losses to the cotton green bolls, fibers and seeds and accordingly great reduction in the cotton yield [22].
Practical evidence of this is shown in the case of a cotton-munching pest called the pink bollworm, said his colleague, Bruce Tabashnik.
Resistance of the pink bollworm, Pectinophora gossypiella (Saunders) to spinosad was examined under laboratory conditions during 20 successive generations.
For example, the USDA Pink Bollworm Project Photograph Collection documents USDA work on bollworm detection, prevention, and quarantine measures.
Aboveground crop material is typically shredded, and roots are undercut and mixed with the soil in a series of diskings designed to provide a host-free period (without cotton plants) in accordance with the California Department of Food and Agriculture's pink bollworm control and eradication program (CDFA 2012), a successful biological control program for insects in operation since the 1960s.
Pink bollworm, which had become resistant to traditional insecticides over the years, has also developed resistance to the toxin contained in Monsanto's Bt cotton.
and pink bollworm [Pectinophera gossypiella (Saunders)] (Meredith, 1976).
This research focused on suppressing cotton pink bollworm (PBW), increasing soil organic matter content and reducing production costs.
The seed contains a gene, called Bollgard, that shields the cotton plants from bollworm, budworm, pink bollworm, and other lepidopteran insects.
Quattlebaum also announced receipt of the first commercial order for Frustrated PBWtm bands from Mexico for the control of pink bollworm in over 12,000 acres of cotton.
Mahmud said enemy pests, particularly pink bollworm used to feed on early sown cotton and that was why the provincial government banned sowing of cotton till April 1 to keep the crop safe.