pingpong table

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a table used for playing table tennis

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1 -- color) President Michael Blakey, left, and CEO John Guidon of 2K Sounds stand behind the pingpong table in their Woodland Hills office.
We hashed it out around my pingpong table - does national want to get involve or not?
The Teen Center also provides Guitar Hero, a pingpong table, board games, arts and crafts, and books for the teens to use.
To know that the Dewey Decimal indexing for "Biography" no longer means "somewhere between the pingpong table and the Christmas wreaths.
The company lunch room has a couch, armchairs, a television and a pingpong table.
3) The recreation area at Hiwire includes a pool table and a pingpong table so workers can unwind during the day.
Since manager Charlie Manuel ordered the pingpong table out of the clubhouse and banned card games, the Indians are 6-3.
Now with the Indians, Finley watched as manager Charlie Manuel decided to take the pingpong table and two leather couches out of the clubhouse.
Geno pointed out a pile of debris that included tree branches, two lawn mowers, plastic trash bags of soda cans, a metal wine rack, a screen door, a black work boot and a pingpong table.
The office's outer room contains a pingpong table, a bar and a floor-to-ceiling, climate-controlled terrarium for the iguanas.
People have donated a sofa and love seat, two pool tables, a Foosball table, a pingpong table, phones and a microwave,'' Sarcinella said.
It opened a new headquarters in Stockton last month which featured break-out stations for staff to work where they choose, pool and pingpong tables and a living wall of moss.
The Acumen headquarters resembles a rec hall more than a business center, with foosball and pingpong tables and youthful employees walking around casually dressed.
A convenient trolley service and three oceanfront parks with playgrounds, paddleball courts, pingpong tables, an interactive water play fountain and picnic pavilions are among highlights of the area.
Revenue from video games, pool & pingpong tables, touchtunes jukeboxes,air hockey,bar tops - cigarettes - snacks (including cold food machines),soda and equipment rental.