ping-pong ball

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light hollow ball used in playing table tennis

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The fate of the teams will be decided by ping-pong balls, with the process taking place in a separate room.
It's impressive to sweep a Ping-Pong ball eastward across the sky, simulating the two weeks of lunar phases between new and full Moon in a matter of seconds.
But no one has to get shot," the subtitles chide us, as we switch to a white backdrop, on which Ping-Pong balls circulate and bounce in explanatory diagrams, suggesting the interchangeability of terms such as "rabbit, duck"; "visible, invisible"; "cool, uncool.
RAY: Imagine you hung a bunch of ping-pong balls from the ceiling in your garage to simulate a moment of a rain storm that's been frozen in time.
From there, the pressure wave rushes in to the barrel, which in turn shoots out the ping-pong ball at supersonic speeds.
Electric Gamebox: Invent a game with a buzzing target for your kick stick and Ping-Pong ball.
At one table, a child begins hurling the Ping-Pong ball at the water's surface, attempting to momentarily force the ball underwater.
He assembled a homemade rocket made of a paper-towel roll, plastic bottle and ping-pong ball.
Shown here is Poing, a homage to the ping-pong ball.
This is easily experienced by using a ping-pong ball and paddle.
On one level, it seems only the amusing story of the response of Bilike and his close friends Dawa (Dawa) and Erguotou (Geliban) to the finding of the ping-pong ball, an object that seems completely exotic to them.
Sowings should be made every couple of weeks for a continuous supply of baby beets, which should be ready to harvest when they are around the size of a ping-pong ball.
As in high school physics, that first mouse trap to send the first ping-pong ball triggers an exponential reaction.
I suggest trying well-drained tuna shaped into a ball not quite as large as a ping-pong ball.
Under the technique, which experts believe is the first of its type in the world, a tumour is surgically removed in a procedure called a lumpectomy before a device the size of a ping-pong ball is inserted in the breast.