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an area planted with pine trees or related conifers

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Entre esta mansio y la siguiente, Ad Aquas, la Tabla Iv consigna 15 millas, pero en este mismo trazado el Itinerario de Antonino menciona la estacion intermedia de Pinetum, silenciada en la Tablilla IV.
He is the son of the late Arthur Ross, an investment banker and philanthropist who donated heavily to the arts and is the namesake of the Arthur Ross Pinetum in Central Park.
Thayer was known for his interest in trees; he had a pinetum, an area dedicated to the cultivation of trees on the property.
In 1988, three acknowledgements were added to the Botanical (Colonial) Gardens in Wellington--the Hector Memorial lookout, a plaque, and a pinetum.
The land proved extremely fertile and hospitable, and today the results have yielded four distinct collections; the small and large Pinetum, the Arboretum and the Three Continents Forest.
Bodnant Garden offers magnificent views of Snowdonia, and features Italianate terraces, lawns, pinetum and a wild garden.
From Central Park's Pinetum to neighbor hood parks in all five boroughs to their support for architects, scholars and artists who sustain the classical tradition, the Rosses have demonstrated an unwavering commitment to the city.
The formal and informal gardens, with new arboretum and pinetum, will reopen from Tue-Thu throughout Jul/Aug.
There he created a pinetum where hundreds of species of pine trees introduced from North America were labelled.
Metaponta, sieving in Pinetum near shore, 4 September 1993, V.
Carole will be in the Flower Arrangers' Garden where there has been a much-needed complete overhaul and Carolyn will be in the scree garden to introduce a new mini pinetum.
The Arthur Ross Pinetum is a wonderful area in which to relax and learn about the pines, spruces, and firs of the world, regardless of the season.
Plants were imported from all over the world, and a pinetum, a plantation of pine trees designed by the estate's chief gardener, was planted in 1875.
Bought by English settlers in 1640 from local Indians for "twentie five coats," Greenwich boasts historical sites, art galleries, an Audubon naturalist center, and the 60-acre Montgomery Pinetum, which includes a lush garden and offers lectures on conservation, horticulture, and flower arranging.