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a tropical American plant bearing a large fleshy edible fruit with a terminal tuft of stiff leaves

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Brooks' Pink Pineapple Plant is featured in the nature/landscape category and was taken at Coral Gable's Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden.
The evidence of bromelain's efficacy is based on studies of its use as nutritional supplement, extracted from the stems of the pineapple plant.
Preparation for the soil takes about 6-8 months old pineapple plants are knocked down first and ploughed in to the soil to provide organic matter.
Bromelain, an extract from the pineapple plant, has been demonstrated to show anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties and may provide a safer alternative or adjunctive treatment for osteoarthritis.
Biomass Resources Corporation (OTC Pink Sheets: BMSS) announced today it has achieved initial success at extracting Ethanol from pineapple fruit and pineapple plant waste.
They said that in order to harvest adequate quantities of pineapples at similar ripeness, they must first coordinate the flowering of the pineapple plants, and ethylene is the only substance available to accomplish this.
She now has 150 pineapple plants as well as plantains, oranges and herbs, and is a spokesperson for her community as a member of the local council.
There are young pineapple plants along with bell and picante peppers, com plants and onions.
Young pineapple plants were grown in special frames in pits filled with pebbles, manure and tanner's bark.
The present data indicated that pineapple plants support maximum breeding of Ae.
Select from a donkey EUR47, HIV test/counselling EUR50, pineapple plants EUR18 and a water filter EUR10.
While all this work is going on, pineapple plants continue to flourish in paradise.
Experts from the Bioplants Center in central Ciego de Avila province are carrying out a broad research project, with an eye to exporting nearly one million in-vitro pineapple plants to Africa.
In July 1994, pineapple plants and fruits were sampled at a number of locations on the farm.