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short-tailed glossy-furred burrowing vole of the eastern United States

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The meadow vole differs from the pine vole in that he is bigger, lives primarily above ground or in shallow surface runways, and his feeding is more visible.
Rhodes and Richmond (1982) reached the same conclusion regarding free-ranging Pine Voles (Pitymys pinetorum), and Getz (1968) found that Redbacked Voles (Myodes gapperi) could persist for at least 2 wk on a diet of mushrooms without losing weight and with no access to free water.
Behavioural suppression of female pine voles after replacement of the breeding male.
They are excellent swimmers and decent climbers (although the pine vole is a bit clumsy).
Yet, last year, a Bavarian pine vole turned up in a trap in Austria.
x Voles Pitymys pinetorum x Pine vole Ondatra zibethicus x Muskrat Synaptomys cooperi Southern bog lemming Mustela erminea Ermine Mammut americanum 0 0 American mastodon Mammuthus sp.
Influence of soil texture, moisture, and temperature on nest-site selection and burrowing by the pine vole, Microtus pinetorum.
Six species (white-footed mouse, pine vole, eastern chipmunk, gray squirrel, Virginia opossum, and raccoon) accounted for 98% of all mammals caught (Table 1).
From interdunal meadows, he reported white-footed mouse, prairie deer mouse, prairie vole, pine vole and short-tailed shrew.
An adult female pine vole (TSU 1006) was trapped in a modified Sherman live trap 2 mi.
Dynamics of pine vole populations in two Pennsylvania orchards.
The hippocampus -- an inner-brain structure critical to processing spatial information -- takes up a significantly greater portion of the total brain in the polygamous male meadow vole than in the monogamous male pine vole, report biologist Lucia F.
The pine vole (mouse) lives beneath the soil surface and normally feeds on plant roots and tender bark.
Inasmuch as the pine vole (another type of field mouse) tunnels beneath the soils surface, the use of a "sand pan'' discourages their efforts.
The pine vole operates both above and below the soil surface.