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a niggardly person who starves himself (and others)

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Musical Mayhem: The Fabulous Diary of Persephone Pinchgut New Frontier (Totally Twins), 2010 153pp $14.
As the title suggests, this story is written in a diary format from the point of view of Persephone (River) Pinchgut.
He said he became sick when he thought of going to a country, where society was divided into parties, dust blown as well as thrown in your eyes, children ran under your horses' feet, dogs lay about the streets, ladies talked of wool, and dressed like antediluvians; and one beautiful spot of land was called Pinchgut, and another Longbottom.
He was often in trouble and narrowly escaped being hanged and was one of the first to be 'exiled' to Pinchgut.