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spectacles clipped to the nose by a spring

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But I'm afraid I didn't describe him so very accurately after all, for his pince-nez was broken under him, and the long gold pin wasn't stuck through his purple scarf but through his heart.
And there was time for nothing more, the door flying open, and a dapper person entering with a bow; a frock-coat on his back, gold pince-nez on his nose; a shiny hat in one hand, and a black bag in the other.
He put on a black-framed pince-nez upon a blunt and shapeless nose, and seemed struck by Mr Verloc's appearance.
The policeman opens his lamp, and throws the light from his bull's eye on the cab, in the recess of which is seated a grey haired old man wearing a heavy gold watch chain, and a pair of gold pince-nez spectacles.
rolled up sleeves, pince-nez, and books hollowed out for the bomb,
She wore pince-nez, a long black skin coat, and a toque.
After our first meeting I noticed that her myopically dilated pupils inside fine light blue rims, hidden (like mine) behind the lenses of a pince-nez, were affectionately, but relentlessly following me.
Having never read her novels, or seen much of Peter Ustinov's turn in the role, my entire emotional connection with the character was with the on-screen Suchet, his pince-nez and preened moustache.
It is part Velazquez pope and part screaming nanny with the broken pince-nez, a motif drawn from Eisenstein's 1925 classic Battleship Potemkin.
How queer," mused a perplexed Mr Brocklebank, squinting through his pince-nez.
Short, dumpy and very domineering, this woman from another world wore pince-nez.
One of the most interesting aspects of the Adventure is that you are able to chart the evolution of the character from those early days, when he used to sport a pince-nez, bow-tie and even cuff-links, to today's more modern figure.
Before buying this one, I'd never worn a pince-nez and was surprised by how comfortably and securely it fits on the bridge of the nose.