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spectacles clipped to the nose by a spring

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On the wall hung a portrait of an old man with a moustache and a pince-nez.
Over the next decade, he became one of Paris' most respected and feared journalists and literary critics, his dapper suits and delicate pince-nez belying a fierce and combative character.
The very English Stanley Unwin, 'slight, bearded and much given to pince-nez and plus-fours, cuts a rather Pooterish figure in his photographs, but his benign exterior concealed a razor-sharp financial brain and a powerful streak of ruthlessness'.
Poor Lord Emsworth, bullied by his gardener and harrassed by his wayward son, known as "Fathead" at Eton and never without his pince-nez (spectacles
How queer," mused a perplexed Mr Brocklebank, squinting through his pince-nez.
Short, dumpy and very domineering, this woman from another world wore pince-nez.
One of the most interesting aspects of the Adventure is that you are able to chart the evolution of the character from those early days, when he used to sport a pince-nez, bow-tie and even cuff-links, to today's more modern figure.
Before buying this one, I'd never worn a pince-nez and was surprised by how comfortably and securely it fits on the bridge of the nose.
These final essays are full of Ford's typically vivid descriptions, such as his characterization of stuffy Bostonian college presidents as "lolling benignly in their presidential fauteuils and twiddling their pince-nez between thumb and forefinger" (219).
He had a short, but full, graying beard and pince-nez on his aquiline nose.
It was certainly not what her pince-nez wearing headmistress at Greenhead High School would have expected for one of her girls, says Hazel, and would undoubtably have been considered a failure.
I dutifully reported for my first lesson to the instructor assigned me--a lady even older than I, with pince-nez glasses.
For "Memoirs," there are "The Three Gables," "The Dying Detective," "The Golden Pince-Nez," "The Red Circle," "The Mazain Stone," and "The Cardboard Box.
There is real artistry in the rendering of the pince-nez.