pin money

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cash for day-to-day spending on incidental expenses

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In response to the letter from N H Honeyman (Stolen Pin Money, 17.
After all, she probably needs the extra as pin money to put on one side for Christmas or to pay for those little unexpected bills, like when the window cleaner calls the day before she gets her Child Benefit.
Like Senate, today's young women have reaped the benefits of feminism, getting jobs and taking care of themselves to avoid the risk of becoming dependent on men who make them beg for pin money.
The males were viewed as breadwinners, the women as earning themselves a little pin money, ignoring the fact many were sole earners, either for themselves or their families.
Yes, it may be more suitable to those who want occasional earnings, yet it does render the topic, to a pin money project.
The girl we paid is a music student trying to earn pin money.
This was a frightening incident for the elderly victim who was doing a job he loved to make a bit of pin money and, sadly, he has never fully recovered.
Our schools should be a mix of backgrounds, creed and class with staff who are there for more than pin money or as an endurance test till they retire.
Perhaps then they might get drivers who want to do the job instead of people who are in it for pin money.
TIRED of scraping by on pounds 70, 000 per week, ex-England hero Alan Shearer is reportedly making a little extra pin money by turning his famous -- and highly imaginative -- goal celebration into a registered trademark.
We were hoping for some pin money, because the prize money went down to 10 places.
Opponents characterized the bill as an attempt by women to have their pursuit of pin money subsidized by the taxpayer.
David Swan, chief executive of the Tobacco Manufacturers' Association said: "If anyone still believes tobacco smuggling is a harmless activity practiced by cross-Channel transit van weekenders out to make a bit of extra pin money, they should study this report.