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a curl of hair made by dampening a strand of hair and curling it and holding the curl with a clip or bobby pin

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As with the up-do style, pin curls under and allow them to cool.
I did pin curls, fingerwaves and barrel curls on Chelsea," she says, "as well as experimenting with colour (two tones of pink).
Get those pin curls in and travel back to the Forties in this poppy print Penelope dress, PS60 from Simply Be (www.
Perfectly rouged lips, pin curls and sultry eyes - the society gal style inspired by the likes of character Daisy Buchanan is a history lesson in retro chic.
When you first get your wig and hat fit, be conscious of how you're prepping in terms of pin curls and wig caps.
Watching him do pin curls and finger waves with his hands, not use a hair blower, was a thing of beauty.
She was forever sticking it in pin curls or tying it with rags but my hair has a mind of its own, and in spite of all her efforts it would soon straightening itself out to become, as my mother put it, "like a pound of candles".
This includes setting it in hot rollers or adding pin curls, braids or whatever else needs to be done to complete the look.
She then set hair in pin curls and further shaped waves with double barrel curling iron, applying SheaMoisture Raw Shea Reconstructive Elixir to hair for high gloss shine and to reduce frizz.
COUNTRY star Taylor Swift looked gorgeous with her pin curls at the Golden Globes on Sunday.
The bobs, pin curls and finger waves of the 1920s are stylized but move naturally, thanks to wig supervisor Nathaniel Hathaway and his background in ballet.
You can also create similar waves with pin curls, curling tongs and straighteners.
Next, make old-fashioned pin curls by separating the hair into 1in sections, winding each around your finger and firmly gripping in place.
PPQ, were sponsored by the American Cotton Council, and there's a few nice cotton frocks to pay homage to that fact, but there are also jewelled hairlines, sequin eyebrows, gold foil pin curls and gold sheen faces and bodies.