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Synonyms for pimply

(of complexion) blemished by imperfections of the skin

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The ball is very good, I must say, it has good grip," the 31-year-old said referring to the pimply surface that the Brazuca sports.
They go about their business as if it were normal to be displaying their hairy nipples or pimply bellies to innocent bystanders.
acnes bacteria from the noses of 49 pimply and 52 clear-skinned volunteers.
Rubbing a lemon on a clean, pimply face and leaving the juice there for 20 minutes helps.
If you think of Challenges as geeky, pimply, brainiacs, then Grand Challenges are their star-quality, popular cousins.
Pimply youths drive around with a phalanx of woofers, that cost three times more than their car and take up the entire boot, inflicting thumping bass beats on everyone within a mile radius and almost shaking your windows out of their frames when they drive past your house.
Either we could have told our pimply son to get used to the bus because driving wasn't for him, or we could have bought him a Corsa and made sure he didn't go out without us in the passenger seat.
Fifty years ago, they were pimply, south London teenagers (well, Charlie Watts was a wizened 20-year-old).
his And the time came when the lovers of bones and fossils met the careers officer, a man of grumpy ways, whose true talent, as a skilled distributor of dandruff, had never been fully appreciated during his pimply and bookish youth.
All people like me can do is wring our hands in despair, cringe at the thought of all that pimply flesh, and wonder just how low the world can stoop.
It's the image of a slightly heavyset, pimply youngun' hunched over the latest technological masterpiece, ignorant of a devilish looking shadow lurking behind them resembling the likes of any tech "guru" you'd like to name--the scene is almost pedophilic.
In fact, during my two years at sixth-form college I earned some cash as that pimply youth - which may explain my dislike for having to man the pumps for myself now
He is puny, pimply and filthy as well as exceptionally miserable.
At 15, she sees herself as chubby, pimply, ugly and unable to go to school looking like this.
In a rare move for a non-American journalist, film director Yukihisa Fujimoto went inside the Parris Island camp in South Carolina and recorded the process through which pimply boys and girls become junior Marines in a 12-week program to make the film ''One Shot One Kill'' now screening in Tokyo.