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Synonyms for pimpled

(of complexion) blemished by imperfections of the skin

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Orally sadistic, it is the fear of being eaten by the unknown, the fine hair rising on the back of the neck, the pimpled goose flesh on arms; a primal unease.
We kiss the pimpled (Expletive) of arrogant, know-nothing teenagers.
It only reinforces the fact that danger can be lurking around the corner even when one is indulging in as pointless a pursuit as chasing a pimpled ball until it disappears into a hole, or smashing a bouquet of feathers or a fluffy yellow object across a net or, as in case of Hughes, hitting the hell out of a five-and-half ounce leather cherry.
suo visuccio --her cute carino ma brufoloso little pimpled face Women as --i suoi urletti --her little sporty children sportivi sul prato howls on the green (at play) verde di Wimbledon lawn of Wimbledon Women as children In campo, la sua On the court, his (not strong) bambina mostrava baby showed testardaggine ancor stubborness rather superiore al than courage coraggio.
But nowadays it's being pimpled by a dull metallic shine, that's manmade and growing fast, far too fast.
The first thing that occurred to me, as my thoughts finally started to settle, was to pull out those orange trunks from the bottom of my duffel bag, and I walked across half of the FOB in all my gleaming white, sweat-rash pimpled skinniness wearing just that gaudy bathing suit and flip flops, black blood drying all over my cheeks and neck.
He held on tight to a craggy shelf as a woebegone wail pimpled his body with goose bumps.
She is a right handed pen-hold grip player whose racket has short pimpled rubber and uses just one side only; she is a quicksilver fast attacking player.
Cue snorting and uncontrolled sniggering from the pimpled, nicotinetoothed brats behind the counter.
Or the resolute refusal of some pimpled dirty little scrub in sandals to sell his soul.
Moving closer to the marble figure, through, we discovered that his cage contained small protrusions--minute grimacing lions, unblinking owls, and crawling crocodiles pimpled its surface.
And despite being famously labelled "inadequate, pimpled and single" by journalist Andrew Marr, Wales' bloggers have an ever-growing army of followers ready to trust their judgement on everything from food to technology.
Here's a hypothetical one--an acne cream, positioned squarely against the pimpled teen that not only gets rid of the zits but also moisturizes and protects the unblemished?
Mohammed Ali claimed two wins, his fast deceptive pimpled rubbered backhand blocks and fast top-spin drives proving decisive against Dave Wood in a five-game all-action seventh set with Ali winning 11-6 in the fifth.